Friday Fictioneers – Before

A blazing flash of light and I thought; I’ve been here before! It was an important day; for my husband. A record 56-game hitting streak. It looked different then. I was wearing a dress made famous by a film clip, over a subway tunnel. Stunning white material, over long pale legs, blowing around me! He… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers – Before

Walking Etiquette

Is there such a thing? I’m thinking urban, city-street walking. At the moment specifically tourist cities, where there is a co-mingling of cultural differences and counter-movement of expectation when encountering fellow walkers of the street. What the hell are you talking about Trish, you may well be thinking 🙂 ? Look, from my perspective as… Continue reading Walking Etiquette

Galway Street Music AKA Buskers 2019

#galwaystreetclub #galwaybuskers

Busking is what I'm talking aboot! I'll begin with a contemporary, bleeding obviously famous ex-Galway busker - AKA Ed Sheeran! Now, I didn't know until I'd been in Galway a while, but apparently Ed busked in the streets of Galway before fame found him. And Galway (seems) to claim him as their own. And of… Continue reading Galway Street Music AKA Buskers 2019

Port of Galway 2019

During August 2019, I stayed at Ce ne Mara, self serviced apartments right on the working Port of Galway, which according to the port's website, has a 'history dating back to the 10th century'. Ebb and flow was continuous and very interesting, mainly cargo ships being loaded with a lot of what seemed to be silage… Continue reading Port of Galway 2019

Ode to the Irish Bus Driver

In Australia, roads are big! They're long and wide. In some places, they're extra wide where they used to be mining towns and needed the room for vehicles (horse and cart) to pass each other and for turning. Even if you get off the highway and on to a secondary road, you really have nothing… Continue reading Ode to the Irish Bus Driver

Sugar is not my friend

March 2018 and I had gastric sleeve surgery. I've lost 32kg or approximately 5 stone. Initially, 3 major things happen with sleeve surgery. You lose 60% to 80% of your stomach You can't eat more than one cup of food at a sitting You lose the hunger hormone (Ghrelin) and (apparently) the hormone that helps… Continue reading Sugar is not my friend


There's this thing in Australia called Long Service Leave. Typically at about 10 years, your employer lets you take 3 months paid leave. I don't get long service leave, because although I've been working with my husband for 20+ years, I haven't been paid for that entire time, so technically I'm not an employee of… Continue reading GALWAY GAL 2019


Some of my friends will know that as of late 2017 early 2018, our Gidget camper dream was blown apart! The company went into receivership. Along with a couple of hundred other customers in Australia and the US we paid a deposit (for most 40% and for some, full price) with an expectation of delivery… Continue reading GIDGET GLAMPING – Retro Camper

Then the world …. beginning with Christmas in New York and Boston 2015!

Hi everyone! It has already been over 15 months since we did THE BIG TRIP to Spain, Greece and Morocco! And that time has passed so quickly! Life has dragged on - the usual things - although I haven't been in work since we returned. So I've been doing a lot of volunteering - mostly… Continue reading Then the world …. beginning with Christmas in New York and Boston 2015!